Sivan Green sivan at
Tue Nov 22 10:59:14 CST 2005

On 04:04, Tue 22 Nov 05, Ben Collins wrote:
> > [2]
> I can't access this link since it thinks I am trying to change the status,
> and I don't have permission to do so.
> IMO, there needs to be a way for launchpad to default to showing you the
> status without thinking you are trying to edit it. Maybe it should use
> +status/+edit or something for the latter case.

I had the same issue with that URL, as Sebastien noted to
me, this is a mere example. Go to one of the specs that you
are assigned to and apply the same URL and then you would be
able to change the status. (I believe this is what Jane had
meant in the first place)



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