Matt Zimmerman mdz at
Mon Nov 21 16:33:25 CST 2005

On Mon, Nov 21, 2005 at 11:07:00PM +0100, John Nilsson wrote:
> I simply meant that if you know that root is on an USB device this can
> be (and probably is) reflected in the parameters to the kernel.

It is impossible to distinguish between SCSI, SATA and USB devices based
solely on pathnames.

> If "root=/dev/hd??" you can be pretty sure that you don't need USB to
> mount root, thus no need to load USB drivers before giving up power to
> init.
> So the whole point of my suggestion was not to not load USB at all. Just
> defer it if possible to a later stage in the boot process so that it can
> be loaded in parallel.

USB is needed anyway, as more and more systems rely on USB for keyboard
input on the console.

 - mdz

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