Jeff Black jmblack256 at
Mon Nov 21 03:46:51 CST 2005

> Let's say a USB bus scan takes two seconds.
> To properly present a 'hold down shift' prompt and give the user time to
> react, you'd need at least three seconds of waiting.
> You do the maths.
> Also, would people who need USB support early be expected to do this at
> every boot?

Well, I wasnt advocating a prompt :) I do see your point though. The default
of not scanning USB could be changed for people that needed it.

In my limited experience booting from a USB device isnt 'normal'. Having a
user hold down a key in order to enable usb booting doesnt seem all that
evil to me ;)

Not all ideas have to float, if this one sinks, so be it.
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