Matt Zimmerman mdz at
Sun Nov 20 21:28:01 CST 2005

On Wed, Nov 09, 2005 at 09:45:04AM +0100, Rick Rocker wrote:
> That Debian has it activated I can understand because they make
> a distro for everyone (admins, devs, users) but I does not understand
> it in the Ubuntu case as this is a distro for Joe-average, isn´t it?

Ubuntu is a distribution for everyone.

> And see it from this side: If someone today needs IPv6 then this person
> is something like a admin or a developer, he will know how to activate it
> after the standard install. All other persons (I think) does not know
> how to disactivate it AND does not need it AND all they get is a slow 
> connection.
> Can you, please, remove this from the standard install?

There is no inherent reason why enabling IPv6 should cause the behaviour you
describe; it is caused by bugs in network devices.  I know that this
information does not address your concerns, but it is an important part of
the picture.  There are large numbers of people using Ubuntu who do NOT
experience such problems.

The trouble we face in these situations is that we do not have very accurate
statistics about the Ubuntu user community.  Given statistics for who is
affected by such problems, and who is actively using IPv6 (the answers could
surprise you), we could make a reasonable judgement call on this point;
however, we do not have such information at our disposal.

The best tools we have available here are voluntary submissions of data from
users (such as the one you've just provided), informal polls (e.g., the
Fridge polls), and the like.  However, many voices are needed to get a
reasonable approximation.  If you wish to help drive this issue forward, I
suggest organizing a survey of some sort to help us gather the information
we need.

 - mdz

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