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Sun Nov 20 06:08:56 CST 2005

On Sun, 2005-11-20 at 22:19 +1100, Rod Lovett wrote:
> I wonder does Mark Shuttleworth really use Kubuntu 64, if so he may
> still be less than impressed.

What as Mark to do with it? If Mark runs into a problem, he knows the
URL of bugzilla or malone and he is filing bugs. 

> I report the following after a short test drive.
> 1) Still no KDE root login, and, oh dear---- I hear the zealots
> already tut-tutting how one should never, never gui login as root etc

This is not a bug, it's an Ubuntu/Kubuntu feature. That's why the
installer never asks one question about a root password.
Login with your normal user account, start a terminal and do a sudo

> 2)Firstly one cannot edit sources.list from the root terminal (after
> sudo  passwd so it works first). Then trying to run via root terminal,
> kate or konqueror they will not open, so one is up the creek without a
> paddle.

sudo vi /etc/apt/sources.list is doing quite nicely here. sudo
kate /etc/apt/sources.list works as well very good.
But this behaviour is documented very well in the ubuntu/kubuntu docs.
Did you read them?

> 3)K3b no cdrdao and not available without editing sources.list if you
> can!

k3b doesn't need cdrdao, it recommends or suggests cdrdao for sure, and
k3b upstream complains sometimes about the missing cdrdao, but this is
upstream. cdrecord can do everything, from burnings isos to burning
If you need cdrdao for other things, then include the
universe/multiverse repositories in your sources.list (please see the
first and second paragraph how to edit the sources.list without the root

> 4) Still no usb flashdrive mounting---

Kubuntu on Intel and Ubuntu on Intel are doing it quite good. But
honestly I never saw Kubuntu on amd64, because I don't have one, and I
don't know anybody who has one amd64 as well.

> 5) Thunderbird opens no weblinks in mail, and mozilla-browser has no
> mail option.

Well, because the kde version of thunderbird is named "kontact" and the
"mozilla-browser" (I think this means only firefox) is named
But with a little bit of changing the configuration of those gtk/gnome
apps you can work around this problem.

> Is Kubuntu 32 dapper the same?
> Good luck, Kubuntu 64 will get there yet.

Actually it is better to read some documentation before you start to
rant about things you don't even know. We have several support options
for the users, there are mailinglist for both, kubuntu and ubuntu to
help users with your very special issues.
There is IRC at, jump onto the server via konversation or
ksirc and join #kubuntu or #ubuntu and there are people who could help
And the good thing is, they are all free of charge. You don't have to
pay anything for it, you only have to ask the right questions in a
polite way.


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