adel durnet at
Fri Nov 18 21:10:29 CST 2005

> Hi adel
hey Paul

> Not really, just me, and I'm a beginner. :-) But my About Ubuntu is 
> fairly feature-complete, and it retrieves the Ubuntu, Gnome, and Linux 
> version numbers dynamically, which I think will be more useful in the 
> long term than hard-coding them into the Python.
oh! I have gnome and ubuntu version numbers as static variables, I did
not think it would be hard to change every six months, but if you
managed to automate the process then it's better... you beat me

> Soon I'll put my code onto the Supermirror 
> <>, and then I'll let you know so you can 
> make your own branch to help out if you like.
I don't think there's much rooms to make improvements in such as program
but I'm looking forward to take a look inside

thanks you Paul

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