MadMan2k madman2k at
Wed Nov 16 07:58:30 CST 2005

I know that this does not really belong here, but in some gnome wiki or
something, but since I dont know such a appropriate place I'll post it
here and hope that you can redirect me...

1) mouse sidebutton support
the scrollwheel is supported very well by gnome - it can be used to
scroll virtually every scrollbar by simply hovering it.
why cant the forward/backward sidebuttons found on many modern mice like
the logitech MX510 series be supported adequatly.
They should be used in every application which has forward/ backward
functionality, like nautilus, eog, rhythmbox etc.

2) notification area idea
basically we already have a working notification area concept without
knowing it: $desklets.
They already are notifying us about the weather, the CPU temprature etc.
- why cant they notify us about avaible updates and a song change in
rhythmbox as well?
This would get rid of the WinXP styled notification bubbles as well as
the OSD used by Amarok.
Also desklets are quite popular across the systems which can be seen as
an empiric proof of concept.


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