Paul Byrne Paul.Byrne at Sun.COM
Thu Nov 17 18:18:09 CST 2005


I am one of the leads on Project Looking Glass
( This is a research project for exploring how
we can use the widely available 3D chipsets to enhance the desktop.

I'd like to build Ubuntu packages for the project and it's dependencies
to make installation much easier. As part of this work I was hoping to
get some peer review of things like installation location, config file
locations etc. Is this the correct forum/alias on which to hold this
discussion ?

In case it is here are my first questions....

I'm proposing to install our binaries in /usr/share/lg3d and our
configuration files in /etc/lg3d, not very contraversial I hope ;-)

A trickier question, we provide a slightly modified Xorg server (all the
source is in the Xorg cvs). It run's GNOME etc without any problems but
provides some new features we need. What is the correct way to have the
system start our X server rather that the default one, use the
update-alternatives mechanism ?

We also need to modify the gdm.conf file to include our project in the
list of session choices. I assume the correct way to do this is update
the file from a post install script.



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