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Wed Nov 16 20:24:05 CST 2005

On Wed, 2005-11-16 at 19:09 -0200, Rodrigo Tassinari de Oliveira wrote:
> Em 16-11-2005 11:58, MadMan2k escreveu:
> > 1) mouse sidebutton support
> > the scrollwheel is supported very well by gnome - it can be used to
> > scroll virtually every scrollbar by simply hovering it.
> > why cant the forward/backward sidebuttons found on many modern mice like
> > the logitech MX510 series be supported adequatly.
> > They should be used in every application which has forward/ backward
> > functionality, like nautilus, eog, rhythmbox etc.
> Having this kind of Just Work functionality for 3+ buttons mice would be
> awesome, but I believe it is more of an X.org issue than a Gnome one. I
> also have an Logitech MX510 and so far I'm unable to use the extra
> buttons to do anything useful.

I believe a better solution (that I've seen people use) is to bind those
buttons to emit Alt-Left and Alt-Right when those buttons are pressed.
Many applications use those keystrokes as shortcuts for back and
forward, and the HIG suggests they do.

The problem with applications using buttons 6 and 7 directly, is that
you are assuming that they are side buttons. I've got a mouse
(somewhere, in a cupboard) with side buttons that are 8 and 9.


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