Reinhard Tartler siretart at
Wed Nov 16 05:40:51 CST 2005

On 11/15/05, Lucas Nussbaum <lucas at> wrote:
> > > Now, the problem is: how are we going to distribute this ? Should we
> > > make a motu-tools package ?
> >
> > opinion: not now.
> >
> > There will come a lot of other stuff in ... and it's now a bit of
> > everything.
> >

> I think that even in the current state, the scripts are useful to MOTUs.
> We don't need to build one big package for all our tools.

I'd also think having the scripts is a .deb would be handy. I work on
several machines, and having everywhere the latest scripts would be
quite handy.

> > Ruby Python (ogra what about a nice perl hack from u?) etc. and this is
> > something we should avoid.
> The only ruby part is the text->html generator. Everything else is bash,
> and writing the same text->html generator in python would probably take
> ~30min.
So it shouldn't be hard to reimplement it in python to drop the ruby
dependency. I also think that this dependency should be avoided if
possible. At this point, it seem that it is!

> > Right now it's development and we should handle this like it...bzr is
> > enough (actually all Ubuntu Devs need to practice BZR, so this is a nice
> > practice) for now....when everything is shiny (bugfree) and ready to
> > drop (to be released) ;) we will see about a package.

How about a daily built motu-tools package, like jeffs daily bzr
builds? I'll see if I find some time this afternoon for some hacking
on this..


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