Stephan Hermann sh at
Tue Nov 15 19:08:20 CST 2005

Hi Lucas,

On Tue, 2005-11-15 at 18:47 +0100, Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
> On 15/11/05 at 17:51 +0100, Stephan Hermann wrote:

> > Ruby Python (ogra what about a nice perl hack from u?) etc. and this is
> > something we should avoid.
> The only ruby part is the text->html generator. Everything else is bash,
> and writing the same text->html generator in python would probably take
> ~30min.

That wasn't an offense. But such a package will pull in not nescessary
deps. So for me, the efford has to be to write everything in one
devel-language. For Ubuntu, the standard language is Python, so we
should concentrate on that. Thinking as well, that some of our ideas and
eventually some code pieces are reused by others, e.g. our LP devs.

> > Right now it's development and we should handle this like it...bzr is
> > enough (actually all Ubuntu Devs need to practice BZR, so this is a nice
> > practice) for now....when everything is shiny (bugfree) and ready to
> > drop (to be released) ;) we will see about a package.
> I think that even in the current state, the scripts are useful to MOTUs.
> We don't need to build one big package for all our tools.

That's correct, and many of the MOTUs and MOTU hopefuls have the tools
handy out of the bzr branch. Some people are always fixing some bugs
So now is not the time for an Ubuntu package, not yet, not this
week...we have to see, when the tools are stable and more usable.
Right now, everything is more a quick and dirty hack, then a tool. 
There is no documentation, no annotation nothing. As an upstream
maintainer, who would release such a source, I would travel into the
deepest jungle of South America and will hide behind a tree.

But there is another point why I dislike (in this moment and for the
next couple of days, weeks) the idea of the package:

We will, no, we have to work in the near future with development tools
like bzr or hct. We all, "we" means all MOTUs, today and in the future,
have to learn, how to use those tools.

HCT is not there, right, but bazaar or bzr (bazaar-ng) is, so for the
starting of becoming a MOTU, you have not only to learn how a debian
package is being build, you have to learn as well the functionality of
the surrounding tools, like bzr as Distributed Revision and Version
Control. Most of us, me and a few others, are not trained in those
tools, and for us it's a learning experience.
Why should we want to take this experience away from others?

So, when the tools have reached a certain amount of stability and when
they're documented etc. then we can think to release the first release
of a ubuntu package.
But as long we're working on a version 1 of those tools, please leave it
like it is.

Phew..this was a long text..and I'm tired now, after this day.



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