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Tue Nov 15 18:14:38 CST 2005

Scott James Remnant wrote:
> On Tue, 2005-11-15 at 17:18 +0100, Martin Schmeisser wrote:
>>Scott James Remnant schrieb:
>>>It has been rejected for dapper, which needs to be long-term
>>>supportable.  We'll look into alternatives for dapper+1.
>>initng has recently become pretty usable (im using it myself). I guess 
>>it would need some love as it still seems to have problems with some 
>>alsa cards and nvidias but IMHO it would make good in dapper+1
> *blink* and you entirely missed the point there <g>
> initng is limiting, it's just an alternate way of doing the same thing
> that we do now and is no better or worse than any other so-called
> "dependency init" system from what I can tell.
> I think that if we're going to replace SysVinit, we should shoot for
> something a lot whole better; maybe something that can replace init,
> cron, at, etc. in one swoop.
> Perhaps something that could solve the use cases:
> 	I have an iPod and want my podcast script run every hour
> 	while it's plugged in.
> 	I want my backup-db script run whenever postgresql is
> 	stopped.
> 	I want apache run on my machine, and restarted whenever
> 	it crashes.

Well, initng is not that limited as you might think. First of all it is
not only a dependency based init system but also provides monitoring of
running services and automatic respawing. For me that is even more
important than a 10 sec gain of boot time. I absolutely hate it when I
boot into single runlevel with sysvinit and on reboot/shutdown init
tries to stop all the services although they are not running because it
has no clue what daemons/services are started/running.
In addition initng provides a easy way to use the old style /etc/init.d/
scripts so you can gradually move to the new system.
And for the replacement of cron: You could argue if a init system has to
provide this feature but nevertheless the author of initng already has
this issue on his todo list and it will be in on of the next releases.
As you might guess I also use initng and imo it is already much, much
better than the sysvinit. I definitely think it's worth a look.

Just my 2¢,

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