Matthias Klose doko at
Mon Nov 14 08:50:46 CST 2005

Due to a libstdc++ allocator change, we will have to rebuild (or rename) 
about 35 library packages in main (about 100 in universe).  We'll start 
with this after the flight-1 CD has been built (which is scheduled for 
Thursday). So please save your energy and avoid syncing/merging these 

I'll send a followup, when the coordination with our buildd admins is 
done. In the meantime, you may want to look at a preliminary procedure 
A list of source package which have to be touch is attached below.


main aiksaurus
main amarok
main apt
main arts
main aspell
main boost
main enchant
main glibmm2.4
main gnome-cups-manager
main gnome-vfsmm2.6
main gtkmm2.4
main id3lib3.8.3
main imagemagick
main kdebase
main kdegraphics
main kdelibs
main kdemultimedia
main kdenetwork
main kdepim
main koffice
main libglademm2.4
main libgnomecanvasmm2.6
main libgnomeuimm2.6
main libmusicbrainz-2.0
main libmusicbrainz-2.1
main libsigc++-2.0
main libtunepimp
main libwpd
main openexr
main openh323
main pcre3
main pwlib
main taglib
multiverse libcwd
multiverse mjpegtools
multiverse mythtv
universe ace
universe adplug
universe alps-light1
universe amarok
universe anjuta
universe aqsis
universe arkrpg
universe atlas-cpp
universe bakery2.3
universe beast
universe boost
universe cal3d
universe cegui-mk2
universe chasen
universe clanlib
universe cppopt
universe cppunit
universe dar
universe digikam
universe dirac
universe eris
universe exiv2
universe felix
universe gdal
universe gdome2-xslt
universe gengameng
universe geos
universe gfccore
universe gnome-chemistry-utils
universe gnuift
universe gnuradio-core
universe gsmlib
universe gtkmathview
universe gtkmm
universe gtkmm2.0
universe hk-classes
universe inti-sourceview
universe ipe
universe ivtools
universe jabberoo
universe k3d
universe kbanking
universe kdeaccessibility
universe knoda
universe ktorrent
universe ktranslator
universe kwave
universe labplot
universe libaqbanking
universe libassa
universe libbonobouimm1.3
universe libcapsinetwork
universe libccrtp
universe libcommoncpp2
universe libcorelinux
universe libcoyotl
universe libcrypto++
universe libfwbuilder
universe libghemical
universe libgig
universe libinti1.0
universe libinti-gconf1.0
universe libktoblzcheck
universe libmath++
universe libnzb
universe libofx
universe libparagui1.0
universe libpqxx
universe libprinterconf
universe libqalculate
universe libs11n
universe libsigcx
universe libterralib
universe libtorrent
universe libxml++
universe libxml++2.6
universe lineakd
universe log4cpp
universe log4cxx
universe macrosystem
universe mecab
universe mercator
universe mpqc
universe mysql++
universe net6
universe noteedit
universe omnievents
universe openalpp-cvs
universe openbabel
universe openc++
universe opencv
universe openvrml
universe orbit2cpp
universe osgal-cvs
universe osgcal
universe paintlib
universe plptools
universe pstoedit
universe qgis
universe quantlib
universe rapidsvn
universe regexx
universe rlog
universe rosegarden4
universe scim
universe sidplay-libs
universe sigcperl
universe sim
universe snmpkit
universe sp-gxmlcpp
universe sqlxx
universe stk
universe strutilsxx
universe sword
universe taglib
universe tqsllib
universe tse3
universe tulip
universe ubit
universe varconf
universe verbiste
universe vips
universe vtk
universe wfmath
universe wfnetobjs
universe wftk
universe xalan
universe xclass
universe zipios++

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