Michael Vogt michael.vogt at ubuntu.com
Tue Nov 15 05:07:55 CST 2005

On Tue, Nov 15, 2005 at 09:46:38AM +0100, Shot - Piotr Szotkowski wrote:
> Hello.
> If a feature, is there an automatic way of checking a .deb's
> dependencies, other than trying to `dpkg -i` it (and ending up
> with under-configured packages) or doing a `dpkg -f` and checking
> the dependencies one by one by hand?
> What I'm looking for is a something like dpkg-buildpackage's
> 'Unmet build dependencies: ...' check, but for .debs.

There is a new application available called "gdebi" at:

It should be able to resolve dependencies of deb package directly. It
contains gdebi-gtk and gdebi (and cli version). That might be what you
want. If not, please let me know and it may be added :) If you
use/test it, feedback (via private mail) is very much appreciated. 

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