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Tue Nov 15 05:00:45 CST 2005


making it possible to install .deb packages directly with dependency
resolution is a feature request that we have for quite some
time. There is a new tool available with the working title "gdebi"
that should be able to do that: http://people.ubuntu.com/~mvo/gdebi/

It needs python-apt, gksu and python-vte from dapper, it's still early
development, so please be careful with it. You can install it by
putting the attached file in /etc/apt/sources.list.d (requires latest
apt from dapper) or adding the attched line to sources.list. It will
give you a 'Open with "Package Installer"' option when you right-click
on a deb in nautilus.  The gui still has some issues, but it shouldn't
be too bad.

If you are interessted in helping testing this, please install it and
throw every deb at it that you can find (3rd-party, random stuff from
the net, proprietary apps like cedega) and see if it gives you useful
information (what dependencies it wants to install, to remove
etc). Hiting "Install" should work as well (it will use gksudo to
switch to root mode then), but please be extra careful here, it's
still development software (don't do it on a system with important
data or if you need to finish a thesis/report the next day ;). Please
report the results to me via private mail (works, does not work, gives
fishy dependency information, crashs *cough* [1]).


P.S. A big "Thank you" to Josué Alcalde González for his gtk-debtools
that inspired the approach taken. I hope we can merge our works

[1] If it crashs, please re-run it in a terminal and send me the crash
information that python prints along with the package you used. 
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