Øivind Hoel oivind.hoel at gmail.com
Mon Nov 14 07:29:58 CST 2005

On 11/13/05, Shot - Piotr Szotkowski <shot at hot.pl> wrote:
> The catch is in 'all the way in' - I think Windows simply brings up
> the user interface much earlier in the boot process than Ubuntu does.
> In my experience Windows is very slow for the first half a minute after
> I log in, as it seems to be still bringing up various parts of itself.

Windows XP seems to be pretty much ready after 20-30 seconds here.
All-in. How many virusscanners and how much spyware you have loading
can probably affect this, however. I have neither, mostly because I
don't really use windows a whole lot ;-)

Anyway, here are two similar but different bootcharts

This is a normal bootup (including the fglrx driver) in dapper, where I've left
my network cable unplugged, but press ctrl-D to cancel the
time-consuming "configuring network interfaces" part of boot.

This is the same, with me not cancelling the configuring network
interfaces part. As you can see, this adds another minute to the boot
time, making it 1:53.

On a sidenote, gnome takes another 42 seconds (yeah, I used a
stopwatch) to start up and come into a usable state, but in all
fairness, I've set it to load gaim plus nm-applet and beagle/best.

Ohwell, hope my charts are useful in making ubuntu beat the crap out
of XP boot-time ;-)

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