Sivan Green sivan at
Fri Nov 11 08:35:51 CST 2005

Hi Andrew!

On 20:14, Thu 10 Nov 05, Andrew Piskorski wrote:
> Hello Ubuntu folks,
> In the past, I've run 32 bit Oracle on Debian, which worked quite
> well, and now that I've just started using Ubuntu (Breezy) on Intel
> x86_64, I'd REALLY like to get Oracle working there.
> Apparently people are having problems installing 10gR2 on Red Hat EL
> 4.0 as well, although here there are successfull work arounds:

Hmm, last time I checkd 10g hasn't been yet
completely certified on x86-64 RHEL/SLES9, please  correct
me if I'm wrong. If this is still true, then first they need
to make it error free on RHEL3 x86-64, after which I think
we can start checking how to try and use it on top of

(I had diffuculties using x86-64 version of 10g on RHEL3
,and on plain x86 it worked flawlessly)


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