Daniel Stone daniel at fooishbar.org
Wed Nov 9 14:11:51 CST 2005

On Wed, Nov 09, 2005 at 08:26:31PM +0100, Rick Rocker wrote:
> A last try I want to start here because the theme here is to get 
> (!) more HW support into Ubuntu (!) :
> Where can I learn something about ALSA and OSS?
> Especially how to exchange the two. 
> Where are documents so that I can easily understand what
> program is for what function: What is esd, what is gstreamer, what
> is dsp, is esd ALSA or OSS, is gstreamer ALSA or OSS and so on?

I understand your enthusiasm, but these are not development topics, and
swapping ALSA for OSS in Ubuntu would result in far less hardware
support in general, not more.

Visiting the project homepages of ESD, GStreamer, et al, can help
explain these topics to you.

> This is place of developers, right?


> This is the place of the
> people who want to made Ubuntu run on more and more Hardware,
> right?


> So, please, please, help me to get run sound on my card
> and you get with this the knowledge to support sound on SiS cards.
> That this is not impossible we can see from Knoppix.
> There have to be a way, unfortunately, I am not experienced enough
> to get it done alone. But I believe with help from a experienced
> user (devel, admin) I can get it done.

That is the problem, to put it bluntly.  This list is for development
discussions of Ubuntu (e.g. detailed technical discussions of
particular features, et al), not for support.  There are two avenues
for support -- one is our bug tracking system
(https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com, soon to be http://launchpad.net/malone),
and the other is the ubuntu-users mailing list.

ubuntu-devel does not get used for support requests; if the volume of
the BTS and ubuntu-users combined was unleashed on -devel, it would
become so useless that another list would need to be created for
development discussions, which nobody wants.  The end result of that
is frustration and inconvenience for all the developers, and then
users who want the developers to tell them how to fix their bugs don't
get what they want anyway.

Please, continue to follow-up this support request/bug through either
the bug tracking system (for component, select 'linux'; don't worry
about version, platform, severity, priority, or any of that), but not
on the development list, for which requests for help with bugs are
explicitly off-topic, and for a very good reason.

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