Rick Rocker debian_noob at web.de
Wed Nov 9 13:26:31 CST 2005

Daniel Stone <daniel.stone at ubuntu.com> schrieb am 09.11.05 18:30:37:
> On Wed, Nov 09, 2005 at 06:10:25PM +0100, Rick Rocker wrote:
> > Regarding my problem with sound output one of the
> > answers was that my sound on Knoppix works because
> > Knoppix uses OSS but Ubuntu uses ALSA.
> > 
> > So I think that the way for me is to "kill" ALSA and install
> > and/or start OSS.
> > 
> > But to this timepoint I am very confused. There are ALSA, OSS
> > , esd , kernel modules and many more things. i don't know
> > where what belongs. What to start, what to do, and so on...
> > 
> > I ask here because here I got at least some answers. On
> > -users I don't get one useful answer. I think because the
> > users are not experienced enough. Only fortunately
> > Ubuntu works for them - on some magical way - .
> >
> > [...]
> Yes, but unfortunately if every question that was asked but not
> answered on -users, was asked on -devel, then -devel would become
> useless for actual development, and another devel list would have to be
> set up.  Please persevere with -users, or use Google, or so; -devel is
> really, really not the right forum for this type of question.

A last try I want to start here because the theme here is to get 
(!) more HW support into Ubuntu (!) :
Where can I learn something about ALSA and OSS?
Especially how to exchange the two. 
Where are documents so that I can easily understand what
program is for what function: What is esd, what is gstreamer, what
is dsp, is esd ALSA or OSS, is gstreamer ALSA or OSS and so on?

I just googled but Google gave me only very old mailing list
entries and kernel trap discussions about OSS.

But what I read for example is that gstreamer belongs to
Gnome and esd belongs to KDE. Why on earth uses Kubuntu
gstreamer? Because my PC is compaining that 
gstreamer couldn't started. No, I made the "normal" installation,
no extra things I done there. 

I am getting angry why on earth I cannot have sound 
on my PC with Kubuntu!? I read everywhere that (K)Ubuntu
is such a great distro and I (want to) believe this. So I went 
and installed, but one of the most important things is not functioning.

This is place of developers, right? This is the place of the
people who want to made Ubuntu run on more and more Hardware,
right? So, please, please, help me to get run sound on my card
and you get with this the knowledge to support sound on SiS cards.
That this is not impossible we can see from Knoppix.

There have to be a way, unfortunately, I am not experienced enough
to get it done alone. But I believe with help from a experienced
user (devel, admin) I can get it done.

So, please, help me


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