Rick Rocker debian_noob at web.de
Wed Nov 9 11:10:25 CST 2005

Dear developers,

Regarding my problem with sound output one of the
answers was that my sound on Knoppix works because
Knoppix uses OSS but Ubuntu uses ALSA.

So I think that the way for me is to "kill" ALSA and install
and/or start OSS.

But to this timepoint I am very confused. There are ALSA, OSS
, esd , kernel modules and many more things. i don't know
where what belongs. What to start, what to do, and so on...

I ask here because here I got at least some answers. On
-users I don't get one useful answer. I think because the
users are not experienced enough. Only fortunately
Ubuntu works for them - on some magical way - .

And, please, I need my sound support: Give me some
advice. I wanted to support Ubuntu but without sound
support - which even on Windows works AND as I said
on every other distro I tried out - I cannot use and therefor
support Ubuntu.

So, please:
What is ALSA? What is OSS? How can I see which is working
on a system which not?
How can I exchange the two? What should I care for? 

a very helpless

PS: All my hardware data you can read in my mail called
"Integration of Module for SiS Sound Controller needed"
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