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Wed Nov 9 09:42:06 CST 2005

El Lunes 07 Noviembre 2005 17:03, Colin Watson escribió:
> My opinion on the current code is approximately that I think the
> structure is pretty much what we want but we'll want to replace a lot of
> the actual code for reasons of maintainability and to change various
> user interface details, as discussed in various specifications. Starting
> with the current Guadalinex implementation means that we can be in a
> position of making incremental improvements (always easier than trying
> to write something from scratch). In particular I have some very
> definite ideas on making sure that the backend is as much as possible
> merely a wrapper around d-i code, using techniques I developed for the
> OEM installer in Breezy (the advanced partitioner is an obvious partial
> exception here). Are those ideas ones you would consider adopting for
> Guadalinex too?

I guess it's a bit late to propose this, but now you mention the oem...

What about asking only for partitions before installing and load the oem 
installer on first boot?


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