Quim Gil qgil at interactors.coop
Mon Nov 7 10:22:52 CST 2005

> Are those ideas ones you would consider adopting for
> Guadalinex too?

Well, not for the current release. Guadalinex is entering the testing
stage so no new features are going to be introduced now. On the other
hand, Guadalinex is being derived from Hoary and UE will be developed
for Dapper.

There is one more thing: our contract with the Junta de Andalucía
finshed when the current version is delivered. They will decide if they
want to implement the newer UE in next releases.

In other words, don't feel any pressure for the Guadalinex release (just
in the case you felt it)  ;)

> While it's of course good that the current ubuntu-express code is
> tested, I think the changes we want to make are extensive enough that
> any testing is a bit premature.

Of course. I will feed back any relevant data i.e. feedbck about user
experience / confusion during the installation process.

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