Nils elitepenguin at
Wed Nov 9 04:33:37 CST 2005

> I have no IPv6 hardware, my friends have no IPv6 hardware,
> and as I know the ISPs of Germany have also not IPv6 "activated".

I really don't see what u mean with ipv6 hardware. The chance that
some marketing people will sell ipv6 devices when ipv6 will be
introduced is very high. But ipv6 is a software issue.

> Every new installation of Debian(Ubuntu) gives at first a very
> slow connection until the average-Joe-user goes and removes
> the ipv6 modules and deactivates the ipv6 usage in Mozilla.

I don't use ipv6 either and I had no problemes like that.

Due to the fact that ipv6 will come sooner or later I think it's
pretty cool that ubuntu already supports it out of the box

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