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Tue Nov 8 13:37:56 CST 2005

On 11/8/05, Fabio Massimo Di Nitto <fabbione at> wrote:

Lots of great stuff on this page. It does certainly seem that these
two ideas have many common goals and can compliment each other very

> I was just waiting for Jeff W. to be back to open an ubuntu-server mailing list
> and to talk with 2 guys hanging on #ubuntu-server irc channel to make it more
> official before announcing the project, but i guess it's better to start sooner
> than later.
> (I will take care to make an announcement about the infrastructures as soon as
> they are in place)

I will hang around here as well.

> In terms of implementation, I agree that there is no need of another CD. What I
> suggest is to use ubuntu-server CD as a base for a set of meta packages that
> will install instant server. It will avoid a lot of extra code and you will be
> able to base it on supported software (that for dapper is definetely a plus
> given the 5 year support on server).

We do plan to use meta-packages and base at least most of our work on
ubuntu-server in some way. I certainly do not want to duplicate
efforts. The more we can all work closely together the better.

> The general idea behind the -server install is that the CD will bring the
> administrator to the bare bone base system and from there install whatever
> he/she wants.


> We are not going (in general) to modify d-i or ask extra questions at install
> time or to install any service by default,

fair enough

> but clearly make it simpler is still
> an option (like using your meta package suggestion).

Cool.  We really just want to make server setup faster and easier, for
new users especially.

> On the notes, the kernel team is working on a kernel-server fine tuned for
> server tasks so cooperation on that front will be good. If you have suggestions,
> please send them to kernel-team at

We will start discussing optimizations today. We will certainly talk
with you guys more.

We would love for you to join us at 2100UTC in #ubuntu-instant to
discuss these ideas futher.

Hope to see you there,


> Cheers,
> Fabio
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