Joe Potter jpotter1034 at
Mon Nov 7 04:51:45 CST 2005

Ryan Meder wrote:
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> From: Ryan Meder <rmeder at>
> Date: 07-Nov-2005 12:34
> Subject: Root password
> To: ubuntu-devel at
> I have resently installed ubantu and would like to log in as the root user
> I su root
> but don't know what the password is: can somebody please help when I
> installed it asked for a username and password but not a root account
> password and at the moment am unable to log in as root.
> thanks ryan

You should use the users e-mail list (ubuntu-users) for support
questions. This list is for the developers.

The root account has no passwd in the default mode of Ubuntu. You may
give root a password by:

"sudo passwd root" from the command line.

Please sign up for ubuntu-users.


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