Henning Kilset Pedersen henning at mopo.no
Mon Nov 7 04:44:31 CST 2005

man, 07,.11.2005 kl. 12.35 +0200, skrev Ryan Meder:
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> From: Ryan Meder <rmeder at gmail.com>
> Date: 07-Nov-2005 12:34
> Subject: Root password
> To: ubuntu-devel at lists.ubuntu.com.
> I have resently installed ubantu and would like to log in as the root user
> I su root
> but don't know what the password is: can somebody please help when I
> installed it asked for a username and password but not a root account
> password and at the moment am unable to log in as root.
> thanks ryan

You don't "log in" as root per se in Ubuntu as per the default setup.
You can get a root shell by typing 

  sudo -i

or prefixing root-required commands with sudo i.e.

  sudo apt-get install kdevelop3

When asked for a password, you type your user password.

If you wish several users to be able to log in as root, type

  sudo visudo

and edit that file. (no, that's not a typo, you need to use the visudo
command, not vi sudo).

This is more secure, since there is no password on the root account, and
it's then not subject to brute force password attacks.

Henning Pedersen
mopo as

(and for the future, this belongs in ubuntu-users, not ubuntu-devel). 


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