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Tue Nov 1 20:02:41 CST 2005

<quote who="David Oftedal" date="Sat, Oct 29, 2005 at 11:24:14PM +0200">
> I hate to keep on ranting about this, but since the problems with SCIM 
> weren't fixed in time for the Breezy release, is there any chance that 
> someone might fix them in time for Dapper?

Yes. I'm still interested in working on this and it's clear from the
threads that other people are too. In the past though, our major
problem has been lack of information from users on the chose of input
methods and frame works, good bug reports, and default configuration

In fragments, this information seems to be collected by a number of
people in outside repositories but, as you've pointed out elsewhere,
the work seems to be usually focused around support for a single input
method or language.

> I really doubt that anyone's going to come up with a better
> all-round solution than SCIM, before April, and UIM, which seems to
> be the main contender, seems to be less affected by pure packaging
> problems than SCIM.

I tend to agree.

Coordination, on this list or on IRC, would be helpful. I've been
doing SCIM work and have your own SCIM packages, it might be good to
let yourself known here or to me off-list.


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