Sebastian Dröge mail at
Tue Nov 1 04:36:08 CST 2005

On Di, 2005-11-01 at 01:14 +0100, Shot - Piotr Szotkowski wrote:
> Hello.
> Sebastian Dröge:
> > Ok, uploaded a version with utf8 support to dapper.
> > Please test this and report any problems :)
> > Works fine for me...
> Finally got myself a Breezy install. I'm delighted to report that
> it works perfectly, and the current package doesn't even have to be
> backported, as at the moment its dependencies are fulfillable by Breezy
> (I simply got the .deb from and `dpkg -i`-ed it).
> Could we get it to breezy-backports (or perhaps even breezy-updates)?

It's nothing for breezy-updates... the patch is not critical and it's
rather hackish ;)

But I'll ask for it to be backported later. Thanks for testing :)

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