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Mark Shuttleworth wrote:
| Daniel Neuenschwander DNE wrote:
|> Mark Shuttleworth wrote:
|> | Hi all
|> |
|> | An update on the ubuntu.com email addresses. We'll make these email
|> | addresses available to anyone who is a Member of the ubuntu project,
|> not
|> | just developers with Main upload privileges.
|> what's meant with "ubuntu members"? for example if I'm a moderator in
|> the german ubuntu forum? thanks for explaining.
| Ubuntu members are the core community of Ubuntu, and include
| translators, doc providers, the people who promote Ubuntu in their
| cities and companies. Anyone who has made and continue to make a
| substantial contribution to Ubuntu in any field can be a member. Members
| vote to confirm nominations I make for new places on the Community
| http://www.ubuntulinux.org/community/processes/newmember/
| As an active moderator with an interest in the community you would
| certainly be a candidate for membership. It's not automatic, and it
| means taking a stand on what you think Ubuntu should aim for and how you
| want to help it get there, and sometimes it takes a while for the
| Community Council to approve a new member, but there are no restrictions
| to the type of contribution that qualifies you for membership.
Ok, thanks for that hint!

best regards

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