ubuntu.com email addresses

Mark Shuttleworth mark at canonical.com
Tue Mar 29 13:14:36 CST 2005

Daniel Neuenschwander DNE wrote:

> Mark Shuttleworth wrote:
> | Hi all
> |
> | An update on the ubuntu.com email addresses. We'll make these email
> | addresses available to anyone who is a Member of the ubuntu project, not
> | just developers with Main upload privileges.

> what's meant with "ubuntu members"? for example if I'm a moderator in
> the german ubuntu forum? thanks for explaining.
Ubuntu members are the core community of Ubuntu, and include 
translators, doc providers, the people who promote Ubuntu in their 
cities and companies. Anyone who has made and continue to make a 
substantial contribution to Ubuntu in any field can be a member. Members 
vote to confirm nominations I make for new places on the Community Council.


As an active moderator with an interest in the community you would 
certainly be a candidate for membership. It's not automatic, and it 
means taking a stand on what you think Ubuntu should aim for and how you 
want to help it get there, and sometimes it takes a while for the 
Community Council to approve a new member, but there are no restrictions 
to the type of contribution that qualifies you for membership.

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