Auto Package

geo dlist at
Wed Mar 30 09:38:40 CST 2005

Autopackage seems to open up a wide opportunity for Ubuntu to take
advantage of commercial distribution of linux compatible software.

Say Oracle adopts Autopackage. Why is it necessary for the (great!)
Ubuntu folks to re-roll how it's installed?

I'm only a newbie, but coming from many years on MacOS. There's a BIG
advantage in presenting a "standard" installation mechanism on whatever
platform we're talking about.

The arguments against adopting Autopackage protect the sanctity of the
UBUNTU platform. By adopting it though, Ubuntu gains the
leverage/usage/eyeballs/distribution of the entire LINUX platform.

If finally the linux world has developed a standard way to package and
install stuff, that's a huge step forward for the entire linux
community. You can bet that corporate software vendors will be using it
to wade out into the linux waters. Consider Ubuntu's position if it were
the only distro that didn't support it!

Keep up the ground-breaking work!  Ubuntu will drive linux further than
everyone expects.



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