Auto Package

Kirtis Bakalarczyk kirtis.bakalarczyk at
Tue Mar 29 13:51:09 CST 2005


I tried out autopackage for the first time the other day like many
other people (i assume), and i was mostly impressed with it.  I think
it's definately important for the future of Linux to provide a way for
proprietary software vendors to package their software in a way that
allows them to reach as many people as possible.  That's something
that centralized systems like apt don't do very well but, IMO, they
don't have to.
Autopackage is meant to complement apt, not replace it.  It certainly
doesn't make sense to replace apt with autopackage but why not just
provide the autopackage software in Main so that people that come
across software that requires it can have a seamless experience?


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