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Am Montag, den 28.03.2005, 12:31 +0200 schrieb Daniel Holbach:
> I already talked to some people about it and here are the questions that
> turned up, I hope they're leading to those decisions we'll have to make:
>       * How do we further cope with apt-get.org?
>       * Will there be a MOTU and a apt-get.org route of getting packages
>         in?
>       * Will we have another repository, like main, restricted,
>         universe, multiverse, apt-get.org?
>       * How do we get repository maintainers to work closely with us and
>         shall we provide them with an easy entry path as
>         Members/MOTUs/Maintainers?
i think having a separate apt-get.org repository would be the best way
to go.

we need to distinguish between the well worked MOTU packages that
recieve a lot of reviews and QA work, where MOTU guarantees a certain
minimal quality level and probably aliened or checkinstall built
packages that dont comply with any standard.

it would be very unfair in the face of the MOTUs that donated a lot of
their time to learn secure and standard compliant packaging to match a
quality level and then make their work pointless with a automatic
importing of apt-get.org (a huge warning "this software may contain
rootkits and backdoors and is not extensively reviewed" should also be

dont get me wrong, i understand and like the idea of having apt-get.org
included very much, but please draw a clear line between MOTU and
apt-get.org packages, else you devaluate their marvellous work.

indeed apt-get.org can be a good entry point for new
members/MOTUs/Maintainers, but we shouldnt forget that they have to go
the way through signing the CoC up to learning to make clean packages
too, i'd like to highly avoid every unfairness in the processes we
currently have.

otherwise the idea that no user ever has to touch his sources.list file
anymore is one of the greatest :)

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