Translations wanted for Hoary installer

Ming Hua minghua-list at
Fri Mar 25 21:15:51 CST 2005

(Sorry, I sent this to Colin Watson in private by mistake, resending.)

On Fri, Mar 25, 2005 at 02:48:43PM +0000, Colin Watson wrote:
> Here are the translation files (not in Rosetta yet, sorry; I talked to
> the developers and it wasn't quite ready, and installer translations
> need to be ready earlier than those for the rest of Ubuntu):

Hmm, I don't quite understand the situation here, but I am remotely
connected to the Debian d-i translation work, so my question is: why not
sync with d-i first, or is this already done?

I just did a quick check for base-config-po/zh_CN.po, and found out
there are 14 fuzzy and 11 untranslated strings and I know that Carlos
has been keeping 100% zh_CN translation for the whole d-i since probably
last year, so this surprised me.

So I skimmed through the po file.  While there are indeed quite a few
Ubuntu specific stuff (like contrib and non-free to resctriced and
universe), there are also quite some generic strings.  For example, one
fuzzy string is ``Configuring apt...", while looking at the translation,
I think the change is from ``Configure apt'' or something similar.  I
doubt this is a Ubuntu specific change, and if not, it should be already
translated in Debian.

So first for the Ubuntu translators, please have a look at Debian's d-i
translation page:
and check the status of your language.  Shadow and base-config are
level2 packages, so the po files are in their own packages, you probably
need to download the Debian source packages to get them, or find the
Debian repository.  If there are enough interests, I'll dig into this,
and find the po files easily accessible to translaters.

And my next question is, how can Ubuntu installer translation work be
coordinated with Debian?  Debian d-i has a wonderful translation team
and several DDs dedicated to this, and if you look at the page above,
they keep translation up-to-date wonderfully, despite of constant
development.  I would like to work on the zh_CN translation of Ubuntu
specific parts, and keep it updated for releases, but I would be more
happy if my work for Ubuntu can be well coordinated with Debian d-i
translation as well.

And shouldn't this topic be cc:ed to ubuntu-translators as well?


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