p4-clockmod and possible powernowd regression ?

Thom May thom at ubuntu.com
Wed Mar 23 04:20:07 CST 2005

* Olivier Cortes (olive at deep-ocean.net) wrote :
> Hi Ubuntu Team,
> Last week, i dist-upgraded one more time to follow hoary, and
> cpufreq-applet couldn't detect the cupfreq mode of my P4 any more
> (Showing "--- ??"). I investigated the problem, in powernowd, and found
> the message at boot :
> Your CPU "Intel Pentium4(R) 2.8Ghz" is known to _not_ support frequency
> scaling !
> BUT, if i manually put p4-clockmod in /etc/modules (it is not loaded by
> hotplug), and tweak /usr/share/powernowd/cpufreq-detect.sh to exit 0 at
> first line (not to test at all), i get my cpufreq applet back :)
> And my CPU obviously supports frequency scaling !
> surely a "case" is missing somewhere ? or the powernowd wants "pure"
> cpufreq and clockmod is an erzats ? I don't have time to investigate in
> the init.d script, wich is much complicated than the warty one, so i
> forward the problem to you in case you can correct this before Hoary is
> released.
No, we removed p4-clockmod from being installed on desktop machines, due to
the number of problems it was causing people.
If your machine is a laptop, then it's being incorrectly identified; please
send me the output of `sudo dmidecode`.
The message that powernowd puts out is a bit missleading; I should probably
fix that for this case.

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