p4-clockmod and possible powernowd regression ?

Olivier Cortes olive at deep-ocean.net
Wed Mar 23 03:57:25 CST 2005

Hi Ubuntu Team,

One or two weeks ago, i installed a warty system on an ASUS P4P800S-X
(Intel P4 2.8Ghz). I immediately dist-upgraded to hoary, it went
smoothly (beside the fact that some gnome apps mess themselves with
their preferences, like gnome-system-monitor with the displayed columns,
but that's not related to the packaging system).

At this time my cpufreq applet showed a nice descent to 349Mhz when the
machine was idle, and displayed correctly the variations of the clock
modulations when there were some.

Last week, i dist-upgraded one more time to follow hoary, and
cpufreq-applet couldn't detect the cupfreq mode of my P4 any more
(Showing "--- ??"). I investigated the problem, in powernowd, and found
the message at boot :

Your CPU "Intel Pentium4(R) 2.8Ghz" is known to _not_ support frequency
scaling !

BUT, if i manually put p4-clockmod in /etc/modules (it is not loaded by
hotplug), and tweak /usr/share/powernowd/cpufreq-detect.sh to exit 0 at
first line (not to test at all), i get my cpufreq applet back :)
And my CPU obviously supports frequency scaling !

surely a "case" is missing somewhere ? or the powernowd wants "pure"
cpufreq and clockmod is an erzats ? I don't have time to investigate in
the init.d script, wich is much complicated than the warty one, so i
forward the problem to you in case you can correct this before Hoary is

thank you for you time and advise,


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