RFC: Disk Monitoring

ioliver dlist at ubuntuforums.org
Tue Mar 22 03:19:58 CST 2005

I'm afraid I don't know about about debconf to help with the bulk of
your RFC, but I do have some questions/observations.

1) Is it the DEVICESCAN that's causing some hardware issues? The
default could be to have this commented out, but no entries to exist
for specific devices. This ties in to -
2) Would the graphical application also be used to select which devices
are to be monitored and when self tests are to be scheduled? If so, then
all monitoring could be off by default until enabled in this graphical
3) Some attributes on drives change very frequently. Smartmontools can
generate a lot of log noise unless you tell it to ignore these
attributes. You need to avoid worrying/bothering people.
4) Drive temperature is reputed to have a major effect on longevity.
The graphical app could show this as a thermometer bar, with some
rather red bits towards the top end!

Don't let the lack of feedback bother you too much. I think that people
hold back when things are being discussed in the abstract. Wait until
the 1st version hits - then you'll get feedback! :-)



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