Fixing USB after powerpc resume

SmasSive smassive at
Mon Mar 21 12:45:30 CST 2005

I'll try it but... I couldn't do the suspend to ram when I run it into X
or when the Xorg was ran, then iBook doesn't wake up and I get a black

Sleep only worls when I'm in a terminal and I don't ran X before calling
iBook go to sleep.

I'm running kernel 2.6.11-r4 in a gentoo with Xorg.

Sorry for the OT and... thanks!

El lun, 21-03-2005 a las 12:00 +0100, Martin Pitt escribió:
> Hi everybody
> At least on my iBook G4, USB devices do not work any more (or at least
> not correctly) after resuming from Suspend-To-RAM. [1]
> A relatively safe and easy workaround is to put the following script
> into /etc/power/resume.d/:
> --------------------------
> $ cat /etc/power/resume.d/usb
> #!/bin/sh
> rmmod ohci_hcd
> rmmod ehci_hcd
> modprobe ohci_hcd
> modprobe ehci_hcd
> --------------------------
> This reloads the USB host controller modules, which makes USB devices
> work fine again. Can other ppc users please check this? Does USB work
> for you after resume out of the box? If not, does a script like the
> above one help?
> If there is consensus to fix this, I'd like to add a simlar script to
> the pbbuttonsd package. Of course this needs some tweaks (UHCI
> support, and only load the module if it was actually loaded before).
> Thanks,
> Martin
> [1] See

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