Hoary preview installation report

Michael Anckaert michael.anckaert at scarlet.be
Sat Mar 19 10:47:47 CST 2005

On za, 2005-03-19 at 16:46 +0100, Guillaume Desmottes wrote:
> I have installed hoary preview on my desktop station.
> Following some bugs i have found.
> * When X was started for the first time i had no display (just a black
> screen).
> After looking into xorg.conf I understand that X was configured for a
> old PCI graphic card in my PC (i have forgot it :) and not for my AGP
> card (Ge-force 2 MX).
> I removed the PCI card then remade a installation and X was configured
> for the right card.
> I think it will be good to ask which cards must be used when there is
> several graphic cards into the PC.
This made me think. My father is getting a new PC and I'll install the
new Hoary release onto it.
The Asus motherboard has an integrated VGA chip on it, will I have to
manually change it so it uses the separate VGA card?
> * The linux-image-386 package was installed but i have a AMD Duron, so
> it should must be linux-image-k7.
> * After the installation, my resolution was 1280x1024 @ 60Hz. I have to
> change  manually HorizSync      30-65 to 30-107 and VertRefresh    50-75
> to 50-160  to have 1280x1024 @ 85Hz.  My screen is a IBM P202.
> * When i install a new program with synaptic, its menu entry is added
> but the icon doesn't appear. I have to restart GNOME to view it.
> Same problem when i have installed glade using gnome-app-install, the
> Development section in the Applications menus wasn't added before a
> GNOME restart.
> * There is a lot of piece of program that are not completely translated
> into french (evolution, synaptic, ...).  I will be happy to contribute
> at these translations.  Are ubuntu packages synchronised with the last
> evolution of the translations?  If yes, what's the easier way to send my
> translations? Just edit the po files from the packages and send it to
> the package maintainer, use Rosetta or something else?
> I have used hwdb-client to report my screen problem.  I can open a
> bugzilla for the others bugs but i don't know which package is
> concerned.
> Thanks.
> Guillaume
With kind regards,
Michael Anckaert
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