Hoary Local Net install totaly works!

Carl Karsten carl at personnelware.com
Fri Mar 18 20:45:03 CST 2005

 > 4.0 Boot up the client box, config the bios to net boot
 > and you should get the Ubuntu Hoary screen and Boot: prompt. Yipee!
 > Hit enter, and it will prompt for language, location, keyboard - then 
detecting network, configuring dhcp, promps for Hostname: shaz(enter),
 > Now the fun part:
 > The title of the dialog is: [!!] Choose a mirror of the Ubuntu 
archive [!!]
 > But all of the body of the dialog is about HTTP proxy access:
 > <body>
 > If you need to use a HTTP proxy to access the outside world, tner the 
proxy information here.  Otherwise leave this blank.
 > The proxy infomation should be given in the standard form of 
 > HTTP proxy information (blank for none)
 > </body>

Now that I understand why it doesn't work (comcast fun) I would like to 
use my local copy anyway.

On the apache box:
/home/carl/linux/ubuntu/hoary-install-i386.iso on 
/home/carl/html/ubuntu/iso type iso9660 (rw,loop=/dev/loop0)

[root at dev html-default]# ln -s /home/carl/html/ubuntu/iso/ ubuntu

So I enter my local apache box:

and bam! away we go!

If someone will review what I have posted here and give it the thumbs 
up, I will post it on the wiki.

Carl Karsten

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