OOo Java .deb

Phill Gillespie it at
Fri Mar 18 07:45:16 CST 2005

Phill Gillespie wrote:

> The reason I'm doing this is because I need the openoffice.org2-java.deb
> to install along side the Hoary snapshot so I can use most of the 
> features
> of the DB application (such as wizards, JDBC).

Okay, I built OOo2 and it seems that the -java package contains nothing 
of real interest.  The java RE was only recognised when I installed my 
own versions of -common and -core.

Is there anywhere on the website I can send these two packages so people 
can download them should they need the java functionality of OOo2?  I'm 
suggesting this as an interim to integrating gcj because there seems to 
be a large number of people in the forums asking about the lack of java 
support and I simply don't have the bandwidth to host them.  Maybe if we 
create a wiki page for OOo2 and have them linked from there.

Would anyone care to comment on this idea (or suggest who I should go to 
o try to make it happen)...

P h i l l

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