Users and Groups administration tool

Nathan Sprangers farruinn at
Thu Mar 17 19:47:08 CST 2005

On Thu, 17 Mar 2005 17:49:11 -0500, Nis <dlist at> wrote:

> To make this change you don't really have to reinstall.  Just add the
> admin group and add yourself to it, remove your username from sudoers
> (optional), and add %admin to sudoers.  I do agree that this would be
> nice to add to the upgrade but maybe there is some potentially
> dangerous problem doing this automatically.  The addition of the admin
> group and change in sodoers does allow more than one admin user and an
> easy way to change this through the "Users and Groups" tool.

Is there any way a script that does this be run when upgrading from
Warty  to Hoary?  I'm not sure how that would happen, maybe be part of
the sudo package's configuration?

Nathan Sprangers  <farruinn at>

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