Evolution becoming unusable.

Anders Karlsson anders at trudheim.com
Thu Mar 17 01:18:04 CST 2005

On Wednesday 16 Mar 2005 17:31, Matt Galvin wrote:
> Yes, I actually completely stopped using evo b/c it is so unstable.
> Not just on Ubuntu, but on any distro. It is also very unintuitive
> IMHO. I would love to see some better email app be the Gnome default,
> but alas ximian(novel) are tied to Gnome... but thats another
> story... and I don't know of any other "Groupware" app that could be
> used.

Take a look at "Kontact" from the KDE project. It ties together KMail, 
KOrganizer, KAddressBook etc to something that looks very similar to 
Evolution. But it works. There is also a groupware feature in KMail 
that enables links into an IMAP server to store calendar, addressbook 
etc as sub-folders of your Inbox. Very neat.

At the moment, KMail on its own segfaults when starting (problem with 
KDE 3.4.0 initial release, bugzilla entry exists iirc). Start it 
through Kontact and all is good to go.


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