Request to remove "winesetuptk" package from universe

Leif dlist at
Sun Mar 13 16:15:58 CST 2005

Tim Schmidt Wrote: 
> I have a similar setup (an AGP S3 Trio3D and a PCI S3 Virge DX)
> running XFree in Warty and now Xorg in Hoary.  Hoary did not
> auto-configure itself well enough to have a working GDM on install... 
> nor did a previous xorg configuration from an older Hoary snapshot
> work, however, deleting /etc/X11/xorg.conf and running
> dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg and then plugging in the propper refresh
> values and setting up xinerama did work.  I've attached my xorg.conf. 
> Hope it helps.
> --tim

Thanks, I tried it, but still the same. It would be difficult to figure
it out anyway, my nvidia drivers stopped working recently, and best of
all, now metacity hangs while logging in ! Maybe I'll go for a
reinstall when I have the time.


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