ACPI support in Hoary

thully at thully at
Sun Mar 13 01:58:47 CST 2005


I am aware that ACPI support has been enabled in Hoary for some time now -
hibernate and suspend can be invoked using the keyboard, and for the most part
needed tasks before/after suspend are being scripted.

However, currently, there is no GUI to configure this.  Additionally, enabling
suspend/hibernate currently requires editing configuration files.  Is a GUI to
configure this still planned for Hoary?  I unfortunately don't know GTK
programming, so I am unable to work on this.  It seems that basically, the
applet would have to be able to remap the actions of the suspend/hibernate
buttons and closing the lid, as well as allowing the modification of options
that are in /etc/default/acpi-support.

Also on the topic of ACPI, currently by default no modules except for a few are
unloaded/reloaded on suspend/resume.  However, there are several that need
this, including my own ipw2200 wireless card (however, a new version of the
driver may fix this).  Could we add devices such as these that are known to
have problems w/suspend to the "unload on suspend" list?

Finally, is there any consensus on the issue of what the ACPI default settings
should be?  Should suspend be enabled or disabled by default?  Also, it seems
that resume=<swap partition> should be in the default kernel options - could
this be implemented?

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