Moving Forward in Ubuntu (Wine, Debian and Universe)

Matthew Thomas mpt at
Sat Mar 12 14:41:27 CST 2005

Olafur Arason wrote:
> Wine really needs some desktop integration love. Part of that problem
> is that most of the developers in wine like how windows program look and strive to make them
> look more like that. Which is a little bit understandable because most programs
> expect the the programs to look a certain way, see some programs under
> Window XP. But some really useful things like a gtk file selector, gtk
> configuration tool, mozilla plug in ala codeweavers plug in and possible a gtk theme would to
> wonders for windows program integration.

Giving Windows programs the same theme as GTK programs would be a bad 
idea for Ubuntu, for two reasons. First, it would trick people into 
assuming that menu behavior, button order, etc was the same as in normal 
GTK apps, making errors more likely. If something behaves differently, 
it should look different. Second, it would make the source of problems 
less obvious -- when a Windows program crashed, people would be more 
likely to blame Gnome (or Ubuntu) as a whole if the program looked like 
a Gnome program than if it looked like a Windows one.

Matthew Thomas

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