Report of hoary array-6 installation

Colin Watson cjwatson at
Fri Mar 4 08:46:14 CST 2005

On Fri, Mar 04, 2005 at 03:24:01PM +0100, Xan wrote:
> 1) First of all, I think I found a bug. When ubuntu installer arrived at the 
> final of installation and said me that "it ejects the CD" and I pressed ok, 
> then it ejected the CD and, immediately, unejected de CD (sorry I don't know 
> how to say in english that "door" of CD are in another time).
> I had no time for get the CD and ubuntu rebooted my system. So I had to take 
> the ubuntu CD after reboot.
> In the previous version of Ubuntu (2005-02-02) it did not happen.

This was because some people complained that the CD eject took them by
surprise and the CD fell out onto the floor from a sideways-mounted
system, or similar. However, the cure does appear to be worse than the
disease for those people with systems that automatically uneject the CD
at boot. I reverted this change yesterday:

> Now ubuntu unpacks and configures all the packages. So a medium user could way 
> very long time. Is it not possible to warn to users before reboot ("After 
> reboot, the installation process continues. It will install selected 
> packages. It could be spend several minutes", or some similar)?. That this 
> step were optional or to background that?

The installer already says the following immediately before reboot:

 The first stage of the installation process is complete. Your computer
 will now reboot, ask you a few remaining questions, and install more

(OK, the "ask you a few remaining questions" is now incorrect, so I have
an opportunity to clarify this text a little.)

There's no real point backgrounding the desktop installation, since if
you want a desktop then there won't be anything you can do in the
meantime. You can certainly opt not to have most of the second round of
packages installed, though; type 'server' at the installer's boot:


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