Seed Enhancements, ISDN related stuff

Matthias Klose doko at
Thu Mar 3 17:56:43 CST 2005

Proposing the following changes to the seeds. These should go all at
least in ship (available on the CD), maybe even unpacked, so that a
dialup connection can be established without adding/installing other
packages. If the packages aren't unpacked by default, they should go to
the live seed as well.

isdnutils-base, ipppd - support for the old ISDN driver,
                        the new driver doesn't support older cards.
capiutils, pppdplugin - utilities for the CAPI based driver
avm-fritz-firmware    - proposed package to depend on the current
                        kernel package with the firmware. see
drdsl                 - utility to get the DSL connection parameters
                        for combined ISDN/DSL AVM cards, package
                        needs to be approved from unstable/non-free
                        to restricted.
avm-fritz-firmware and drdsl are i386 only, so don't increase the
size of our largest CD (powerpc). The other packages increase the
seeds by 500-600k (sum of package sizes).


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