resolvconf, dnsmasq, network manager (was Re: resolv.conf file keeps getting rewritten)

Elliot F elliotf-ubuntu-dev at
Thu Mar 3 11:22:39 CST 2005

Karl Hegbloom wrote:
> On Sat, 2005-01-22 at 17:22 -0800, Matt Zimmerman wrote:
>>There has been talk about having a local DNS cache; I'm not familiar with
>>dnsmasq, but if it is RFC-compliant, it might be worth a look.
>>Likewise for resolvconf; if it would be feasible to integrate it with all
>>applications which configure the resolver, that could be worthwhile.
> Both 'dnsmasq' and 'resolvconf' seem to integrate very will with Ubuntu
> so far.  I've been using them for quite a while, and everything Just
> Works.

Works well here, too.  Handy for dynamic dns updates of uml/vmware instances on 
the local machine as well.  If ubuntu were configured by default to provide its 
hostname during dhcp requests, it would be fairly seamless.

>>>Also... what about ifplugd?
>>The long term plan is for something better integrated with the desktop, such
>>as NetworkManager, though it currently isn't suitable.
> Right.  I like that idea.  NM looks very promising.

Using Netapplet at the moment, which works fairly well, with the exception of 
initial configuration, and hidden SSIDs.  The first time I bring up the 
interface, I need to hand an ssid/key to it and it has to associate before it 
starts working okay.  It doesn't appear to see any networks before I do that. 
 From then on, I can move from network to network just fine.  Let me know if I'm 
missing something.  It also does not try to associate to known networks (such as 
hidden SSID networks).

I have not yet heard the arguments against NetworkManager, just things like "it 
isn't suitable", and "a shame about the architecture".  I had tried it, but it 
made many assumptions about the locations of files (/etc/sysconfig) on the 
system.  Is this the cause of the complaints listed above?  Is it just that it 
is so redhat-centric?  I had thought netapplet was the same way (initially) as well?

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