Development Basics

Sivan Green sivan at
Tue Jun 21 03:42:16 CDT 2005

On 13:37, Wed 11 May 05, Stephan Hermann wrote:
> hi Bryce,
> On Wednesday 11 May 2005 07:41, Bryce Robilliard wrote:
> > How would I start developing for Ubuntu?  Can anyone give some starter
> > tips?
> First of all: 
>  Debian New Maintainer Guide ( 
>   if you want to maintain packages.
> All other things are covered normally here:
> If you need advice for packaging or coding stuff, join #ubuntu-devel or 
> #ubuntu-motu
> The rest is, learning by doing, 
> apt-get source <your learning package> and study the sources. it gives you a 
> nice overview about how things are done, how different the maintainers are 
> working.
> After all, I started to write a tutorial on 

As someone that is familiar with the New Maintainer Guide (I
think it's quite poor for a complete newbie) I would like to
complement you on that entry to the wiki - seems like
someone has finally figured that describing how to create a
package from scratch is also important, not just work "by
example" when those examples are sometimes so cumbersome and
complicated, or worse never represent a real world

Thanks you!


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